"One Call, Fix All" Dryer Vent Maintenance

Failing to clean is the number one factor that contributes to fires in residential buildings. During drying, lint and moisture become bi-products of the process and are pulled by a fan motor. This lint build-up and clogging can lead to an array of problems and ultimately a fire.

How to prevent dryer fires

Regular inspections and maintenance of your dryer and exhaust are recommended by all manufacturers. Give the Professionals at The Dryer Vent Dude a call today and let us monitor all your dryer and vent needs.

Dryer Vent System Cleaning

Regular inspections are vital, before cleaning your vent or unit you need to know what you’re cleaning. These include:

  • Inspecting connector from the dryer to the vent
  • Inspecting inside the unit & under the lint trap
  • Inspecting the electrical cord for defects
  • Inspecting washer hoses
  • Inspecting all visible dryer vent joints
  • Check your air flow
  • Learn more about our inspecting services

How to Prevent Dryer Fires

Inspection | Maintenance | Repairs | Replacements

The Dryer Vent Dude, Inc.'s overarching goal is to offer our local customers in Nebraska comprehensive dryer vent coverage, including dryer vent cleaning services, dryer vent inspections, and dryer vent fire prevention. In the HVAC sector, we have more than 30 years of experience. Additionally, we provide Nebraskans with both routine dryer vent cleaning services and customized dryer vent cleaning services. We are able to offer concrete solutions to property owners in and around Nebraska, regardless of the size of the building that requires dryer vent cleaning or the condition of the dryer ventilation system. If you're interested in learning more about the breadth of our dryer vent cleaning, inspection, and prevention services in Nebraska, we would be happy to fill you in. Our experts will carefully assess the issue, check the vent, clean out any lint and debris, check the wash hoses, and make sure the airflow is suitable. We understand how annoying it can be to have to wait for your clothes to dry before going to work, the gym, meeting up with family members, etc. You can make sure that your dryer operates properly when drying clothes by allowing our professionals to use their skills and knowledge on it. Normally, dryers bend as they are installed, and they occasionally can have extended venting runs. As a result, there are more locations where birds can nest and lint can accumulate. The state of your dryer vent is probably the last thing on your mind right now.

Commercial Repairs & Inspections

Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning | Hair Salon Dryer Vent Cleaning | Nail Salon Dryer Vent Cleaning | Barber Shops Dryer Vent Cleaning | Groomer Dryer Vent Cleaning

The washing machine, one of your home's most used appliances, requires washing machine hose maintenance or inspection. A hot water supply hose, a cold water supply hose, and a single discharge hose are typically used by washers. Hose connections are made at the back of the machine, where they are frequently hidden and disregarded. This is accurate up until the point where there is a leak or a rupture, leaving you standing in a pool of water and unsure of how it got there. The team at The Dryer Vent Dude, Inc. can assist you in avoiding these discomforts by performing an inspection to ensure that all of your hoses are functioning properly and there are no long-term problems. A homeowner should visually inspect all three of their washing machine hoses at least once a year. A small leak or drip could go unnoticed, but a ruptured hose would be impossible to ignore due to the amount of water that would be dripping through your home. Even a tiny leak can eventually cause damage to the flooring and baseboard. Even worse, the damp surroundings created by the leak will foster the development of mold and mildew spores. Choosing when to replace your washing machine's supply and discharge hoses can be difficult. To be safe, you should replace your hoses as soon as possible if they are older than five years. Overheating and excessive use of safety features can cause your dryer to have potentially expensive problems. A dryer whose drying time is doubled will use up half its lifespan and require costly repairs. If you need commercial repairs, just give The Dryer Vent Dude a call today!

Commercial Repairs & Inspections

Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning | Hair Salon Dryer Vent Cleaning | Nail Salon Dryer Vent Cleaning | Barber Shops Dryer Vent Cleaning | Groomer Dryer Vent Cleaning

Electrical hazards can be extremely dangerous, and a lot of the time we aren't even aware of how close we are to one! Electrical tape should not be used to cover small nicks and abrasions on a flexible cord when performing repairs at home. Local Lincoln, Nebraska regulations state that cord nicks and abrasions that do not completely penetrate the outer jacket do not pose a serious safety risk, necessitating repair or replacement. However, you might need to have it repaired or replaced by a professional if the outer jacket is penetrated, the conductors or the insulation inside are damaged, or both. A thorough visual examination of the cord may be impeded by the application of electrical tape. Guidelines also state that it is not acceptable to cut off a damaged portion of a flexible cord and attach a plug to the end. This would be regarded as a risk and temporary wiring. The Dryer Vent Dude, Inc will inspect your electrical equipment to ensure that it is listed and installed in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. It is important to handle portable equipment carefully to prevent damage. The tool cannot be carried by means of flexible cords on the equipment. Flexible cords must not be hung in a way that endangers the insulation or outer jacket. Time, money, and energy are wasted by a dirty vent. Considering that it will run the dryer longer than necessary. A visual examination is part of a dryer vent cleaning to make sure it is clearly in good condition. Contact our team right away if you need a commercial assessment or repairs.

Inspecting Inside the Unit & Under the Lint Trap

In order to protect you from house fires, The Dryer Vent Dude, Inc. wants to make sure that your dryer vent systems are operating safely and effectively. The Dryer Vent Dude, Inc's thorough inspections enable us to spot any fire, safety, or health risks that could be caused by obstructions, poor vent construction, or non-code-compliant materials. Dryer lint is the most frequent cause of dryer fire ignition. There are about 15,500 dryer fires reported each year, which cause over $209 million in property damage, 34 fatalities, 430 injuries, and 430 lost lives. Inadequate dryer vent installation, the use of subpar vent materials, or a lack of cleaning can all contribute to excessive lint buildup, making dryer vent inspections essential. Leading appliance manufacturers recommend having your appliances professionally inspected and cleaned once a year. Every home has a unique dryer vent system, which our knowledgeable and skilled technicians are aware of. Dryer vents should be routinely inspected to ensure strong joint connections, identify any excess lint buildup, and aid in fire prevention by getting rid of potential hazards. Thanks to our thorough inspections, The Dryer Vent Dude, Inc. can determine the severity of any dryer vent issues and provide the best solutions for your home or place of business. The dryers we service frequently have a white vinyl vent coming out of the back. This kind of vent pipe burns with hazardous fumes and is extremely flammable. If you suspect a problem or build-up lint in your lint trap, get an inspection as quickly as possible!

Protect Your Family and Home

Schedule a free inspection today and give The Dryer Vent Dude a chance to better educate you and your family on the services you’ll be receiving. We strive to make you as knowledgeable and safe as possible by keeping your unit clean, efficient and safe.

Steve Jr. AKA “The Dryer Vent Dude" is a former HVAC Journeyman and has been an installation technician for over 30 years. He is a certified universal EPA technician and holds an AAS in refrigeration. He has a fantastic eye for detail and takes the utmost pride in all of his work. His focus is treating everyone of his clients with courtesy and professionalism. Contact us today to schedule your inspection.

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