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Posted by mike l on
I would like to thank Steve for coming out the other day and cleaning out my dryer vent which hadn't been cleaned in 17 years since I'd built my house. He had taken a picture of the outside vent that was up on my roof and it looked bad. I personally couldn't check it out because I use a wheelchair and he also informed me at that time it appears I might have some hail damage. It didn't take him long to have it cleaned out and the mess cleaned up. Again, thanks Steve.
Posted by Tom Blazek on
We bought a new washer and dryer at Schaefers and the dryer was not properly vented. We called Schaefers to come and do it right and they told us to call The Dryer vent dude. We received immediate attention and Steve came over the next day and vented the dryer properly and said the way it was done by Schaefers it wasn't getting the proper air flow. He did excellent work and in a timely fashion, and his price was more than reasonable. He will get our repeat business. Schaefers may not get future sales from our household.

Posted by Darcy on
Steve was very professional and knowledgeable. He got cut my drying time, and I know, saved me from disaster. Highly recommended!!!

Posted by Susan W. on
Steve did a great job for us. He is professional, knowledgeable, pleasant and efficient. He explained everything he was doing and showed me how much lint was in my dryer vent, I was surprised and and very glad he came out. He cleaned out the whole thing and replaced my old vent with a new magnetic one that looks better and won't let any mice or other "critters" in the house.
Will have him come back. He's excellent.

Posted by Tom on
Five star rating! Steve was on time, a rarity these days, did the inspection, did the cleaning and gave me some great advice on further maintenance all in less than an hour! No hard sell, super polite and tidy with the mess. We will definitely use him again and get on a regular cleaning schedule!

Posted by Dennis on
Steve - thank you for your fast and reliable service. Met at the show in Lincoln and you came out and installed a hard dryer vent and wall cap. It is great to deal with someone as polite, prompt and oourteous as you. Thanks for the education you gave us about dryers and vents.

Posted by Risa on
I was in need to get my dryer working properly after several months of extra dryer cycles running. Steve came out to complete an inspection (very clear with prices and what needed to be done) and came back to complete the job. He's excellent with explaining what he is doing, how things work, and educated me with the process. I have learned how important the upkeep of the dryer and vents really are! As a renter, Steve worked with us to make sure the landlord could be in the loop and I am so glad he was able to fix our issues, even though we are renters and not owners of our home. Steve was also very professional and allowed me to watch everything he was doing so I could learn and understand. Thanks so much, Steve! I would recommend Steve for all dryer vent issues!

Posted by Susan D. on
I called "The Dryer Vent Dude" and was impressed by Steve's professionalism and fair prices. To my amazement, we had SO MUCH LINT! He showed me how stuffed our vent was with lint and I believe he saved us from having a fire. I just e-mailed as many friends as I could to encourage them to have their dryer vents cleaned, too. Of course, I recommended Steve for the aforementioned reasons. Thank you Steve!

Posted by Gary Smith on
Thanks Dryer Vent Dude did a great job

Posted by Cindy on
Steve has cleaned our dryer vents for two years and we have been very pleased and satisfied both times. I will definitely call him again.

Posted by Cheryl on
Steve was able to come out the day after I called. Very courteous and professional. A job well done.

Posted by Vicki on
Steve is a friendly guy who does a terrific job. Our dryer now does its job in half the time. Thank you, Steve!!

Posted by Bill on
I am almost embarassed to be writing this, but Steve, the Dryer Vent Dude, probably saved me from a huge fire today. After seeing his display at the home show and asking him to come and check out my old flex hose, he said he didn't want to scare me, but "it was bad"! The vent hose was clogged with lint as was the dryer. He cleaned the vent, put on a 90 degree elbow on the outlet pipe and then installed the flex pipe in a matter of minutes. Took longer to clean out the lint than it did to install everything. He also vacuumed out the dryer, ensuring that everything is now shipshape and safe. I am totally and absolutely satisfied with his work and will ensure he returns annually to inspect and clean! Thanks, Steve! Job Well Done!

Posted by deanna on
The Dryer Vent Dude did an excellent job! The service, attention to detail and professionalism were excellent. I appreciated his effciency and cleanliness too!

Posted by Julie Felzien on
Steve, The Dryer Vent Dude, replaced a very old, brittle & unsafe system for me. My dryer is in the basement and the vent hose has to go up a wall, then over a bathroom, then to the outside. Most of this was out of sight, so I kept putting off getting it checked. When he was able to see the space above the bathroom, it was crammed full of lint(it looked like sprayed-in insulation!!!). Now a non-flammable venting setup is in place. This is an 80 yr. old bungalow in the Woods Park neighborhood with who-knows-how-many-past-owners. I'm glad THIS TIME this problem got completely fixed by the first guy I called. About 5 years ago, another local company "cleaned" the vent and tore up the plastic vent hose all the way down to the dryer. Steve is very prompt in returning phone calls and very punctual-----excellent customer service in everyway. I was comfortable having him working in my home. I'm glad he has an annual inspection. I'll be glad to pay for that. I know my house is being taken care of by a guy who gives great attention to details. He was very efficient with the time involved, too, considering he had to tear out part of the bathroom ceiling first, just to see what the situation was. THANKS A MILLION, STEVE. SEE YOU NEXT YEAR! Julie

Posted by Caro on
Just was I was about to do loads of laundry, my husband noticed a suspicious amount of lint hanging from the outside lint. He warned me now to use the dryer, so I called The Dryer Vent Dude. He was able to come out within 45 minutes. Did a thorough job, advised us along the way about the steps taken and any additional cost. Very professional and a great service. We now feel relieved that we won't be facing a dryer fire.

Posted by McKenna Keenan on
Steve was great! I wasn't home when he came, our babysitter was. As promised, Steve called me before he did anything extra. He gave me price breakdowns and explained what needed to be done. His prices were very reasonable. I will def continue using him!

Posted by Dave on
Steve as always did a great job. I will call him again.

Posted by Chief on
I e-mailed Steve and he got back with me the next day. He was on time and did a outstanding job. He answered all my questions and fixed a few things that needed to be brought up to city code. Our vent had not been cleaned in over 10 years. The vent was 26 feet long and he cleaned out over 5 lbs of lent. It was a big eye opener for me. I did not think it was that bad. I am glad I had Steve clean out my vent. Who know if or when a fire could of started in the vent. He is very professional and took his time and made things right before he left. Thanks Steve.

Posted by Heather Lange on
Thank you for the wonderful job you did fixing our dryer vent. We are so grateful for your willingness to come when it worked for in our schedule, and the speed in which you were able to fix everything for us! We are VERY grateful for you and are honored to know you! I wish more businesses shared your philosophy and your treatment of customers.

Posted by Kate M on
I called Steve because I noticed lint build-up on the dryer vent on the outside of my house. He came & discovered that the venting in my attic was complete unattached & wasn't even up to code! He came back with his son the very next day, a Saturday, & they had it rebuilt in no time. I was concerned what it was going to cost me but it was very reasonable. I would recommend the DVD to anyone. Thanks for keeping me safe & my clothes dry!

Posted by M Evans on
Steve was very informative and professional and did a superb job replacing our dryer vent. Will without question use his service again.

Posted by Jerry McGinn on
Steve, what a great job you did on the dryer vent. It was badly in need of cleaning. As a former Chief on the Lincoln Fire Department I think you prevented a fire from happening. I watched you work for 2 1/2 hrs. You really earned your pay. I will have you back once a year from now on.
Thanks again. Jerry

Posted by charlene on
Steve you and your business is amazing. I will never let my dryer vent get that dirty again. No I was not proud when you said I was the 2nd worst you have seen. You have my business always And yes I can now dry a load through one cycle not two Thanks Charlene

Posted by Nina Burkey on
I can't recommend Steve highly enough. We have an extremely long vent from our dryer to the exit *as a lot of houses do* I think that something we don't think about until something goes wrong is our appliances. Little did I know what a difference having the vents cleaned would make on dry time, let alone the safety factors involved. Steve was both professional and educational, I will make upkeep a priority after this experience. Thanks Steve!

Posted by admin on
Steve, came to my rescue with some work i needed done in order to sell my house. He made some time came over and took care of the problems quickly. Steve is very professional and a handy man of all sorts. Thanks for the save Charlene

Posted by Dave A. on
I'm glad we had Steve clean our dryer vent. My wife and I where shocked at what he pulled out. It’s amazing how much lint collects over time. I recommend Steve Schwaller. He does a great job, very efficient and neat. Don’t take a chance for a fire to happen; have your dryer vent cleaned regularly.

Posted by Jessie Maschka on
After Steve cleaned out our dryer vent, the dryer was able to completely dry the clothes in 1 cycle, down from 3 cycles! I didn’t realize how much “stuff” was clogging our vent! Thanks Dryer Vent Dude for saving me time AND money!

Posted by Jan K on
Steve cleaned out my clothes dryer vent. I was shocked at what he pulled out. It’s amazing how much lint collects. I recommend Steve Schwaller. He does a great job, very efficient and neat. Don’t take a chance for a fire to happen; have your dryer vent cleaned regularly.

Posted by Nancy on
We were glad to have Steve clean our dryer vent. He pulled the dryer out, disconnected it, and cleaned the accumulation of lint in the vent. After making sure it was reconnected and working properly, he also checked the outside vent to make sure the air was blowing through which will allow the dryer to work more efficiently. We were surprised to see the amount of lint removed from the vent, and would recommend an often over-looked dryer vent cleaning for home safety and energy efficiency! -- Nancy

Posted by Satisfied Customer on
We have rental property and the dryer gets a lot of use by six or seven women. Steve cleaned the dryer vent and it has made a big difference in the drying time and wear on the dryer. The dryer vent is very long and has several bends and curves. Steve disconnected the dryer from the vent and cleaned the vent duct work through the bends and curves from the inside. He then went outside and cleaned the rest of the vent duct work from the outside. It has made a great difference. Thank you, Steve.

Posted by Claire Gallimore on
We hired the Dryer Vent Dude to come out to our office to adjust the vent damper in my office and to move a TV from one office to another. Steve was fast, efficient and very reasonable in price. I am happy to say that we will be repeat customers!

Posted by admin on
Wow! I didn't know there could be so much "stuff" in a dryer vent!